The Rules

Some might say that rules are made to be broken….

We say that Dog Walking Rules are not one of them!

Spread the word. Don’t be a problem, be part of the solution!


Rule 1: 

Off lead/On lead meeting

Off lead owner to recall their dog and ask permission for their dog to say hi

Rule 2: 

On lead/On lead

Both owners to be aware that the other maybe a DINOS and to give each other space

Rule 3: 

People wanting to say hi to a dog

People especially children, should always ask the permission of the dog owner before they go over and interact with a dog.  It is unfair on the dog to expect it to be comfortable with the presence of a stranger in its personal space.  You have no way of knowing what the dog’s history is.

Rule 4: 

Off lead/Off lead (dogs should only be off lead if recall has been trained)

Is the other dog attentive to its owner?  Does the other owner look as if he/she is in control? Is the other dog part of a pack? Are there toys/sticks/food around? Does the other owner look keen to meet?  Is the owner taking part in training their dog?  These are all things to consider before you allow a meeting.  If in doubt then recall your dog and ask permission of the other owner.

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