The Author

I live with my three dogs in the South of England.  Two of my dogs are rescue dogs, whilst the other was aquired privately when he was a year old.

Two of my dogs are DINOS and have different reactions to their triggers. In the early days it was a struggle to understand them and I suffered from many a stressful walk.   I learnt how to deal with their problems by ensuring they had space from their triggers. I avoided busy, off lead areas, took up jogging (Cani x) and discovered different types of walks.

Henry Millie Max Sammy

I began volunteering my time at my local rescue shelter, where I developed a passion, not only for rescues but for Staffies.  A breed which are very misunderstood, and through no fault of their own have gained a bad reputation.  I was fortunate to meet many good friends and realised I wasn’t alone with my DINOS.

The term DINOS was created by Jessica Dolce, an American living in Maine.  I stumbled across some of her work whilst internet surfing one day.  Having DINOS myself it was a revelation to realise that there were other people like me.  To find out more about the US version of DINOS click here

My sole purpose for designing this website is to educate, raise awareness and provide support to owners of DINOS.

I hope you enjoy this website.  Please get in contact if you would like to share your stories, or else just to give feedback by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!

Vicky x



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