Taking Responsibility


Everybody has the right to walk with their dog, in peace, and without fear of out of control dogs.
Sadly in the real world this is not always possible.



If you own a sociable, happy go lucky, off lead dog then you have a responsibility to ensure that your dog is not allowed to “run riot” and be a nuisance to other dogs. Shouting to other owners “my dog is friendly” as it goes bounding up to another dog is irresponsible and dangerous.

If you own a DINOS and and believe your dog may bite another dog if it enters it’s personal space, then you should be taking precautions against this happening.

I have heard walkers say “if an off lead dog comes up to my on lead dog and it gets bitten, then it is the other owners fault because my dog is under control”.

That maybe true to an extent, but a dog is not a robot and it will never be 100% reliable.  There may also be an occasion where a dog has slipped it’s lead, or it has been spooked by something and has run away.  You may also get a young puppy or a dog in training whereby it approaches you and your dog.  A dog bite or a fight is something to be avoided at all costs and we all need to take responsibility for this.


There is no shame in your dog wearing a muzzle and you will probably find that if you introduce it the correct way, then you and your dog will feel more confident.  For information on muzzles see the link at the bottom of the page.