Living with your DINOS

Living with your DINOS does not have to be stressful or hard work.  There are many things which can be done to assist your DINOS in overcoming his problem, such as working through a behaviour modification programme with a behaviourist, reviewing your dog’s diet, training classes and calmatives.

It is also worth mentioning that any dog can become a DINOS dog, despite perhaps being well socialised from a puppy.  This could be the result of an injury or illness or an attack by another dog or just a change in themselves.  DINOS are not restricted to certain breads or social upbringing, so there is no “type”.





DINOS who have a fear of humans in their personal space also require careful management in the home.  Thought needs to be given to visitors. Many dogs can feel protective at home, so if you have a DINOS who is triggered by humans, then ensure he has a place to retreat to.  If this stresses your dog too much, then consider removing him from the situation before visitors arrive.  Better to be safe than sorry.



When deciding on a behaviourist, it is important to use one who has been recommended or else is a member of one of the accredited associations.   Anybody can advertise themselves as a behaviourist or dog whisperer, despite having little or no qualifications.  So choosing one can be a mine field!







You may also wish to consider attending a TTouch workshop, and using calmatives.  There are several types on the market.


If after working with a behaviourist you are unable to change your DINOS behaviour, then you may have to consider moving  into the “management” of the behaviour.  This isn’t all bad news!  By avoiding stressful walks, using equipment you feel comfortable with and following some of the practical advice on this site, you can improve yours, and your dog’s quality of life.