Buying a puppy

Buying a puppy is a big commitment, and one that you will hopefully have for the next 10 plus years.  So if you are prepared, and have decided that you have time for a demanding puppy, then you need to decide where to buy one from.

Buying a puppy is a mine field.  There are health tests to consider, Kennel Club registration and puppy contracts. For further information, click on the Champdogs link.





Unfortunately buying a puppy is not always straightforward.  There are unscrupulous people out there who breed purely for money and keep the dogs in terrible conditions.   These types of breeders advertise on the Internet, newspaper ads and supply pet shops.



Do NOT buy a puppy from a newspaper ad, the internet or a pet shop.  You could be buying your puppy from a puppy farm.    See the puppy farm page for further information.




To ensure you buy responsibly then do the following:

  • Visit Breed Club websites for a list of breeders
  • Visit the kennel Clubs website for a list of assured breeders (any breeder can register puppies within reason so it’s important you choose from an ASSURED breeder)
  • Always, always see the mum with the litter in the home or the place in which they are kept
  • Insist on proof of health tests and KC papers.


Here at we also believe in a proactive approach to socialising your puppy.  The Kennel Club in conjunction with The Dogs Trust, have rolled out a new Puppy Plan scheme. Its aim is to have a recognised socialisation programme that follows a specific guide.  Click on the link to the right of the page.