Dog Walking

Walking your dog should be a pleasurable experience, and is one of the main reasons people get a dog. However walks can often be ruined by inconsiderate owners and out of control dogs.

This section has been designed to give guidance and tips to not just owners of DINOS,  but to other dog walkers as well.

On lead and off lead dogs are rarely a good combination as they are not meeting on equal terms, and this can cause the on lead dog to feel threatened.  Many owners complain of their dog being fine off the lead, but reactive or even aggressive on the lead.

A dog maybe on lead for any of the following reasons…

•    Unreliable recall
•    Injury
•    Poor social skills
•    DINOS
•    In Training
•    Fear
•    Aggression
•    Age (some dogs may not want younger dogs jumping all over them)




Therefore it is important that the owner of the on lead dog be consulted before an off lead dog bounds over.  It is equally as important that if you have a dog whom is capable of biting in this situation, that you either avoid busy off lead areas, or you muzzle your dog.  Everybody has a duty to be a responsible dog walker!